The Law Office of Karl Zeiger is an attorney serving injured people, primarily in the Puget Sound area of Washington. If you have been injured, you may have legal options. Let Karl Zeiger get you the outcome you deserve. We work with our clients to determine their needs and all aspects of his/her case. We walk you through the process, explaining your legal options and the wisdom of each. We use a client-friendly approach, knowing that the client is undergoing trauma and stress. We seek to take some of that burden off. We deal with the insurance companies. We know how. A claimant on his/her own would be at a great disadvantage against a well-fortified insurance company. We always work aggressively on your behalf and make a serious effort to settle out of court first. Fees are paid from the insurance proceeds at the end of the case. They are based on the success of the case. We can represent clients across the state and beyond. We would be honored to serve you. Call the Law Office of Karl Zeiger today for a no-cost appointment.